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2014 Regional Tournament Entry Forms

2014 23rd Annual Midwest Regional Entry Forms (teams & individuals)

The following PDF forms can be filled out and then printed.
Judges Form
Radio Frequencies
Safety Directors Tracking Report
Scorers Form
Towboat Liability Form

Mailing List for Regional News

The mailing list is meant to be the way to distribute information to all of the teams in the region. The type of messages on this list will be meeting announcements, tournament information, ski motion information, etc. Essentially anything that all teams in the region should be aware of.
Seems like Google gmail accounts may have problem receiving emails from this list. If you are not receiving the emails you need to complain to google.

How the mailing list works

You must sign up to the mailing list before you can send and receive messages to the list. Signing up is easy! Just follow the steps below.
  1. Goto mailing list web page.
  2. Fill in your email address and pick a password. The password is used so that you can update your email address or unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list.
  3. Click the Subscribe button.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email to arrive in your inbox.
  5. Reply to the confirmation email with your mail tool. This validates the email address you entered in step 2. You will receive a welcome email from the list.
  6. That's it! You are now subscribed to the list and can send messages to the list that will be distributed to everyone else that is subscribed.

This list is intended to be the official way meeting announcements are sent to all teams. It's important that you sign up! Please pass this on to anyone in your team that want's to stay up to date on the regions news.
Take a look at the newly updated info on our Region. There is now a list of teams complete with contact information. Website links will be added as the teams send them in.

Meeting Minutes

9/26/2004 meeting
2/29/2004 meeting
10/19/2003 meeting
2/22/2003 meeting
10/30/2002 meeting
10/20/2001 meeting
7/28/2001 meeting
2/3/2001 meeting
10/7/2000 meeting