MRSSA -Meeting Minutes 9/26/04

MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Mike JohnsonBayside
Bud RuhlLittle Crow
Dave NemecRiver Rats
Bruce BergRochester
Clair HubbardRochester
Kristi SkillingsSki Otters
Larry MeanyWaterhawks

Old Business

  1. MRSSA Financial Report
    Mark Bortz not available for meeting – Dave Nemec reported that we have around $3000- Balance is currently $5468.46. No outstanding bills.
  2. Rebate To Teams
    No rebates, no new teams starting up. Discussion to get Prior Lake and Bald Eagle back engaged with MRSSA.
  3. Travel Expenditures for NSSA Reps
    Dave Nemec motioned to increase the amount reimbursed to the 3 reps from $100/person to $125/person, Seconded by Mike Johnson. Motion passed
  4. Web Page
    Mark Bortz not available for meeting –would like to have board members information posted on the website. Dave Nemec will discuss with Mark.
  5. NSSA Report
    1. Driver Certification Rule Change – Discussion was held to take motion to NSSA for driver rule change. Bruce Berg made a motion to present the following rule change “ A minimum of 50% of all towboat drivers must be NSSA towboat driver tested at all sanctioned events” - Dave Nemec seconded – motioned passed. Proposed rule change will be sent to NSSA for discussion/approval at the November meeting.
    2. November Annual Meeting Agenda – The agenda hasn’t been distributed yet.
    3. Insurance Clarification – Larry is going to clarify whether the new insurance provider is for personal towboat insurance or team insurance.



  1. 2006 Tournament Bid
    Teams putting in a bid included: Albert Lea, River Rats, Waterhawks. Bayside won the bid for 2006
  2. Board Elections (President, Secretary)
    Bud Ruhl nominated Dave Nemec as President, Larry Meany seconded – motion carried.
    Bud Ruhl nominated Kristi Skillings as Secretary, Larry Meany seconded – motion carried.
  3. Regional Judges Clinic
    Would like to continue to have the judges clinic in conjunction with the Driver’s safety clinic. All were in agreement to add this as part of the “Clinic Weekend”.
  4. Ski Motion Discussion
    1. Ski Motion to be held the weekend of May 21-22.
    2. Ski Otters offered to host the Ski Motion (Drivers/Safety/Judges Clinic) – Dave Nemec will try to get Pete Bonnert for Judges Clinic, Kristi Skillings will try to get Herb Shulte or Steve Haner for Safety and we are waiting on Chris (Sioux Falls) for the board to approve him as a certified NSSA driver tester.
    3. Would like to add a doubles-clinic in conjunction with Ski Motion. Bruce Berg will look into getting doubles-couples up to instruct.
    4. Grant requests need to be made to NSSA by April 1st.

  5. Update of 2005 Regional Tournament
    Waterhawks are making some site improvements (dock, bleachers, etc).
  6. Next Meeting
    Saturday, prior to Think Tank – to be held in Rochester.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Skillings,