MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Saturday, February 3, 2001


Mike JohnsonBayside*Team Rep
Larry MeanyWaterhawksNSSA Regional Director
Kristi SkillingsSki Otters*Team Rep
Tadd ThorsenAqua Addicts*Team Rep
Bill DunklebergerWaterhawksRegional Tournament Site Chairman
Dean WeberWaterhawks*Team Rep
Cheri JohnsonSki OttersTeam Rep
Mike SchroederLittle CrowTeam Rep
Bruce BergRochester*Team Rep and Alternate NSSA Regional Director
Dave NemecRiver RatsPresident
* Voting member
Teams not represented: Sioux Falls, Bald Eagle, Prior Lake, Aberdeen, Five Seasons, Delhi . Due to office security problems, we were not able to conference in Mark Bortz and Julie Menge as originally planned.

2001 Team Dues

The following teams have paid for the 2001 season:
Five Seasons
Little Crow
Ski Otters

The following teams still owe:
River Rats
Sioux Falls

Financial Report

Current Balance $2688. An additional $350 grant was just received from the NSSA. Total received for the year was $1,000.

Web Page

Mark Bortz has been great about posting minutes, official publications, and contact information on the website. Check it out at . Mark on a separate call, mentioned that he is always looking for more pictures and content.

NSSA Report

There are major rule changes regarding barges. Be sure to download your own copy of the rules. The changes are highlighted in a separate color. There was a lot of discussion around the scoring and Division II, these topics were covered later in the meeting. Other news is that the Show Skiing Discipline continues to grow and as a result will get more USA-Water Ski grant money in 2001. In addition, show skiing now has three representatives on the Executive Board of USA – Water Ski. They are Sherm Shraft, Bruce McCalmon, and Tom Ghiloni.

New Business

Spring SkiMotion 2001 (May 26 & 27th at Ski Otter's Site)

Current plan is to have Safety Certification on Saturday and Driver's Clinic on Sunday. The Driver's Clinic may need to start on Saturday to ensure that we get through all of the driver's on-the-water portion. It appears that there will be between 15 and 20 people who will be participating in the Safety and/or Driver's Clinics. For 2001, each team is required to have one Certified Boat Driver.

Each team who has driver's registered should bring at least 3-4 skiers capable of step and shoulder starts. We will be asking for pre-registration. Kristi and Cheri will be helping again this year with the coordination of the event. They are going to let everyone know the details and hope to get a discount at Hotel.

The fee for the Safety Clinic and the Driver's Clinic will be $10 each, payable to USA-WaterSki.

Paul Newcomb from Aberdeen will be the Safety Clinic instructor and has already registered the event with USA-Water Ski. Kristi Skillings was going to contact JR Wilson, Eddie Torres, and/or Brent Borell to see who will teach the Boat Driver Clinic.

Fall SkiMotion 2001 (August 18 & 19th Location TBD)

The idea was brought up to have the skier portion of SkiMotion after Nationals. Everyone thought that people would be hungry to learn right after Nationals and the pressure of the summer would be off. This event is still in the formation process but everyone thought that Swivel and Wakeboarding would be well received. The names that were suggested for instructors were Cheryl Bermeo, Dave Brisko, Zane Swenk, and Geno Yaacker (sp?). Bill Dunk is going to contact Brisko, Dave Nemec will contact Bermeo. Larry Meany is going to look for these people at Think Tank and find out rates.

Mike Schroeder was going to check w/Little Crow to see if they would be willing to host the event. Other teams were going to do the same. We need to hear back by Feb 21.

Officials for MRSSA Regional Tournament

Scott Allendar will be chief. (Bill Dunk heard that Allendar was now unavailable…Nemec will call him to confirm either way. Scott is in per phone conversation on 2/7/01.)
Jan Thomas, Jeff Henke, Jane Henke, Jack Janowicz will be scoring Judges. The Ridgely’s were going to participate but are now expecting a baby that weekend. Dawn Beutjer was our first alternate but now she is unavailable. Net we need one more scoring Judge.
Paul Newcomb will be Safety Director.
Chuck Thomas will be Chief Scorer.
Chris Coupland will Score.
Linda Dunk, Maureen Meyer, and Trista Menzer are Secretaries. Bill Dunk is going to try and find 2 more volunteers.

MRSSA Regional Tournament

Larry Meany will e-mail everyone's hotel information. It appears that we will have eleven teams this year. The teams are the seven from last year and Aberdeen, Ski Otters, Delhi, and Wonder Lake. The tournament will also be considered the Iowa State Tournament. Awards will be handed out for the Iowa teams. Wonder Lake would like to ski in the tournament. They will be scored but they will not be considered for any of the Midwest Regional Awards. The Midwest Regional Tournament will have a full set of awards for Division I and Division II. This includes team trophies, box score plaques, and plaques for high scoring barefoot, pyramid, jump and ballet. Dave & Bill will work on coordinating the trophies.

The judges will be getting together on Friday night to discuss whatever… this get together will be coordinated by the Chief Judge and is outside of the scope of the tournament. The tournament will officially start on Saturday morning with a team and judges meeting. Start time to be determined. Everyone would like to have more of the teams ski on Saturday than Sunday. The longest individual events will be on Saturday after the last show. This will make Saturday the longer day so people can leave a little earlier on Sunday.

The tournament program will be organized and published by the Host team.

There will be a team Jump competition again this year.

As part of the tournament packet, each team will be requested to specify their desired ski time and date. This will be honored as much as possible within the constraints specified by the bi-laws and the MRSSA Board.

There will be an official meeting of the MRSSA at the Regional Tournament.

Next Meeting:

May 26th, 2001 at Ski Otter Site (time to be announced).

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Nemec,