MRSSA -Meeting Minutes 2/22/2003

MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 29, 2004


Mike JohnsonBayside
Bud RuhlLittle Crow
Dave NemecRiver Rats
Bruce BergRochester
Clair HubbardRochester
Kristi SkillingsSki Otters
Larry MeanyWaterhawks

Old Business

  1. MRSSA Financial Report
    Mark Bortz not available for meeting - Balance is currently $5468.46. No outstanding bills.
  2. MRSSA Financial Report
    Mark Bortz not available for meeting.
  3. NSSA Report
    1. Division I Nationals – Janesville won bid for 2005.
    2. Division II Nationals – Backwater Gamblers won bid for 2005.
    3. Rule Changes – No floatation required if you are not in water that is over waist deep. The addition of a mandatory right dock to be required for all teams hosting a tournament.
    4. Information – Policies and Procedures for all NSSA information/forms/reports/procedures, etc, etc is currently getting streamlined into a format & location where it will be easily accessible.

  4. Regional Judges Clinic / Driver Clinic
    1. Pete Bonnert has committed to conduct the judges clinic – to be held in White Bear Lake, MN. Ed Torres has committed to do the drivers clinic – to be held in conjunction with the judges. Paul Newcomb will no longer be conducting safety clinic. Herb Shulte (local safety rep) will be contacted to see if he is available.
    2. A fall driver’s clinic has been set in Rochester for the weekend of 7/31/04-8/1/04. Ed Torres will be contacted to see if he is available to instruct.
    3. All parties agreed it would be beneficial to have a trained driver in our region. Sioux Falls has a driver working on this. Jim Bruns will get us an update with his status.

  5. 2004 Regional Officials
    Mark Bortz had provided a list of individuals who were interested in being officials at the 2004 regional tournament. Those names were discussed among those present at the meeting, recommendations were made as to who we would like to officiate. Dave Nemec will present our recommendations to Mark Bortz/hosting team.
  6. Ski Motion
    An instructional clinic with swivel and barefoot was discussed to be held the second weekend in June - this task will be given to Mark Bortz to see if Five Seasons is still interested in hosting.
  7. Doubles Clinic
    Rochester will host a spring doubles clinic on April 18th– at Ricochet Gymnasium (1802 2nd Street SW – Rochester, MN) starting at 1:00pm


  1. Increase Tournament Fees
    Tournament Fees are currently $200.00. Dave Nemec made motion to increase entry fees to $250. 00, Bud Ruhl seconded – motion passed (unanimous)
  2. Regional Team Meeting
    Jim Bruns made a motion to keep the mandatory team meeting Saturday morning, however, all paperwork MUST be turned in Friday evening (either in person or via mail) – incomplete paperwork will result in a $50.00 fee. Bud Ruhl seconded. Motion passed.
  3. Next Meeting
    Regional Tournament


  1. Think Tank
    NSSA meeting will be held Thursday evening and resuming on Friday morning.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Skillings,