MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Saturday,  October 7, 2000


Mike JohnsonBayside*Team Rep
Larry MeanyWaterhawksNSSA Regional Director
Mark BortzFive Seasons*Team Rep
Tadd ThorsenAqua Addicts*Team Rep
Wayne PriestRiver Rats*Team Rep
Kevin FelineLittle Crow*Team Rep
Dean WeberWaterhawks*Team Rep
Jeff AndersonSki OttersTeam Rep
Bruce BergRochester*Team Rep  and Alternate NSSA Regional Director
Dave NemecRiver RatsPresident
*  Voting member 
Teams not represented: Sioux Falls,Bald Eagle, Prior Lake 

Team Reports

BaySideBaySide had a good 2000 season and looking forward to 2001.  They are in the process of purchasing a double dyne.
WaterHawksLooking forward to hosting the 2001 Midwest Regional Show (MRSSA) Tournament.  Please contact Larry or Dean with hotel needs. They have an invitational tournament (Kelly Allender) in June.  They put in a large retaining wall at their homesite last year and the site is in good shape for the 2001 season.
Five SeasonsA group of Five Seasons skiers competed in and WON the Hamilton / MasterCraft Tournament.  The format was that you get 15 performers to put on a show including announcing and boat driving.  In addition, they had an act competition where you get 5 minutes to put anything on the water.  This will be discussed at a future meeting to see if MRSSA wants to try this in our tournament.
Aqua AddictsThe Aberdeen Aqua Addicts is up to 100 members and the average age is 13.  They are planning to be at the tournament in 2001 and would like to ski Sunday morning.
River RatsThe River Rats are coming off a building year (1/3 new members) and looking at getting a triple rig to pull all the new members off the dock. 
Little CrowLittle Crow performed at the BareFoot World tournament in Fergus Falls.  Shortly after that, everyone either left town or is hibernating for the winter.
Ski OttersThe Ski Otters hosted the 2000 Ski-Motion event and is willing to do it again in 2001.  The Ski Otters purchased a twin rig and was able to put more skiers on the water.  Jeff was not sure if they were planning in participating in the 2001 tournament.
RochesterRochester had two shows a week this year and lost many of their experienced skiers.  They will be going back to one show a week next year.

2000 MRSSA Regional Tournament

All feedback was positive.  All teams felt that Five Seasons did a great job hosting the tournament.  Feedback from the judges was also very positive.  For next year, it is recommended that the order of the skiers within the individual acts be communicated quicker and better.


Financial Report

Current Balance $1313.63.  $650 grant is in the mail from NSSA.

2000 Ski Motion cost $218.

2000 Tournament expenses exceed revenue by $297.

Joe Held, MRSSA Treasurer, will be sending invoices to the teams for 2001 Annual Dues of $50.

There may be additional Grant money available from NSSA.  Dave Nemec will contact the Grant’s Chairman to request additional funds.

No money will be rebated to teams for the 2000 Tournament.

Donation to NSSA will be added to the next meeting agenda.


Web Page

Mark Bortz has added a section for wanted/for sale items on the website.  Mark has been great about posting minutes, official publications, and contact information on the website.  Check it out at  Mark mentioned that he is always looking for more pictures.


NSSA Report

The meeting at Nationals was brief and did not contain new business.  All new business will be covered at the November meeting in Florida.


New Business


Election of Officers

Mark Bortz and Dave Nemec were nominated.  Dave Nemec won a two year term in a sealed election.  No nominations were received for secretary.  Dave will contact others outside the meeting to see if they are willing serve as Secretary.

Larry Meany was nominated for a NSSA Regional Director.  No other nominations were received.  This will be Larry's last term due to term limits.  It is a two year term.

Bruce Berg was nominated for the alternate NSSA Regional Director.  No other nominations were received.  The alternate NSSA Regional Director has a voice at the NSSA meeting but does not vote unless one of the two Midwest Directors is not present. 

Bud Ruhl is the other NSSA Regional Director and his term will end next year.  Bud is not eligible to be the NSSA Regional Director next term due to term limits too.

In the future, elections will be held at a MRSSA meeting to be held at the MRSSA Tournament.  The meeting notice will be published in the tournament announcement.  To be clear, the election date and the effective date should be published.

  Recommendations for NSSA Annual Meeting There is discussion about having a Division II – National Tournament.  Anyone who would like to be a part of shaping and championing this effort should contact Bill Dunk at 319-989-2183 or email

The group went through the proposed rule changes and voted to provide feedback to the NSSA Regional Directors so they can represent the Midwest Region at the NSSA meeting.  The results are as follows:

Rule 1.05 Interpretation.
Rule 2.01 Counting and Scoring
1) Rule 2.03 Schedule of Acts
2) Rule 2.04 Outline of Acts.
No Opinion
3) Rule 2.06 Canceling Acts.
Rule 3.03, 8.01 and 11.02
Nothing to act on
Rule 10.03 Calculations
Rule 10.05 #3
No Opinion
Rule 11.09 Required safety meeting.
Provide parameters are set and reasonable
Section 9 – Instructions to Announcer
Renumbered (new) 2.02 (indiv)
Rule 2.07 Set-up/Clean-up Time
Nothing to act on
Rule 9.01 Show Acts (indiv)
Nothing to act on

Ski-Motion 2001

The Ski Otters volunteered to host the Ski-Motion for 2001.  The group agreed to have a safety clinic on Saturday and a Boat Driver Clinic on Sunday.  In addition, all teams were going to back to their teams and see if they would like a Skier Clinic on Saturday.  If skiers would like a clinic, it is important to find out what type of training they would like.  The date of Ski Motion will be May 19 & 20.

Bid Presentation for 2002

Five Seasons and the Waterhawks both submitted bids for 2002.  A closed vote was held and the WaterHawks were selected to host the 2002 Midwest Regional Show Tournament.


Discussion of Responsibilities between the host club and MRSSA

Mark Bortz said that he would like to see the host club be responsible for all aspects of the tournament to include the judges.  He feels that it was not clear what the MRSSA would do and what the Host Club was expected to do.
Dave Nemec mentioned that the reason it was set up this way was so that decisions regarding Judges were handled in the best interests of all teams.  The tournament registration paperwork would be handled and archived consistently from year to year. The MRSSA would handle the revenues of registrations and the expenses of the judges so that remaining amounts could be used to fund education for all teams in the region.

It was agreed that the separation of duties between the Host Team and the MRSSA must be better articulated for next year.  Mark and Dave will discuss off-line.

It was also suggested that Dave contact all officials in the geographic area and see if they would be willing to officiate our tournament next year.  All officials willing to help next year will be presented back to this board at the next meeting.  Some democratic method will be used to select the officials.

Next Meeting:

Feb 3, 2001 Location to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Nemec,