MRSSA -Meeting Minutes 10/30/2002

MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Saturday, October 30, 2002


Todd ThorsonAberdeen
Mike JohnsonBayside
Mark BortzFive Seasons
Julie MengeHartwick Huskies
Bud RuhlLittle Crow
Dave NemecRiver Rats
Barb PierceRiver Rats
Bruce BergRochester
Jim BrunsSioux Falls
Kristi SkillingsSki Otters
Larry MeanyWaterhawks

Old Business

  1. Team Reports
    Each member gave a team update
  2. 2002 MRSSA Regional Tournament (Comments & Suggestions)
    Teams voted to have Team meeting held on Saturday morning at 7am (vs. Friday evening)
  3. MRSSA Financial Report
    Larry Meany submitted expenses to Nemec for reimbursement. Sent to wrong email address. Larry will resubmit.
  4. Rebate Funds Back To Clubs
    There was a vote and it was unanimous not to rebate funds back to the individual teams. It was felt that there will be a time where we will need the funds. It was determined to reimburse the NSSA reps (3) $100/rep for travel to the Florida meeting.
  5. 2002 MRSSA Dues
    Teams expressed in interest in getting an invoice mailed to them.
  6. Web Page
    Decision was made to reimburse Mark Bortz $50 to cover web site hosting for this year and last year.
  7. NSSA Report
    Weighting of box scores has changed: 65% on skiing, 45% on box scores. There is no more Skier Into in the ACT category. The actual box scores will also be modified (Larry will have to give us the actual modifications - they will in effect be like: Announcing= music/audio vs. person only, Showmanship, Overall Show = costume/makeup/act variety/production/introduction, etc, etc) There was discussion on getting a "group/team" rate from USA Water Ski for insurance to help with the hassle of teams checking/verifying individual's have paid their USA WaterSki insurance.


  1. Election of Offciers
    Dave Nemec=President, Kristi Skillings=Secretary, Mark Bortz=Treasurer
  2. NSSA Regional Report
    See Notes above (They were combined)
  3. Recommendations for NSSA Annual Meeting
    See Notes above (they were combined)
  4. Date/Place Ski-Motion 2002
    Barb Pierce and Dean Weber volunettered to work on Ski Motion, Driver Cinic, Safety Clinic for 2003. No details at this time.
  5. 2004 MRSSA Tournament Bids
    Bids were submitted for 2004 tournament. River Rats submitted bid. WaterHawks would not bid because they feel the process (roles and responsibilities) between MRSSA and Host Team are not correct. Everyone wanted to have more than one site to consider so awarding of bid was deferred until Feb 22 Meeting. Nemec, Bortz and Meany agreed to discuss and create recommended changes to bi-laws. These bi-law changes will be distributed before next meeting.
  6. Next Meeting
    It was decided to have standing meetings as follows: (1)Last Saturday in September, (2) Saturday prior to Think Tank and (3)Regoinal Tournamnet. This will be added to the Bi-Laws by Dave Nemec.
  7. Other
    2003 Regional Tournament Schedule was discussed to be implemented as follows:
    Registration 7am-8am, Official Tournament Meeting 8am-9am, Swivel Competition 9am-11am, Team Competition 11am-?
    Team Competition 8am-?, followed by Doubles Competion, Team Jump Competition, and Awards Ceremony Barb Pierce (River Rats) is chairperson for 2003 tournament (

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Skillings,