MRSSA -Meeting Minutes 10/19/2003

MRSSA Meeting Minutes

Saturday, October 19, 2003


Mike JohnsonBayside
Mark BortzFive Seasons
Bud RuhlLittle Crow
Dave NemecRiver Rats
Clair HubbardRochester
Kristi SkillingsSki Otters
Larry MeanyWaterhawks
Dean WeberWaterhawks
Kristin MeanyWaterhawks

Old Business

  1. MRSSA Financial Report
    Mark Bortz gave the financial report - Balance is currently $4432.86. 2004 Expenses: Domain name registration, Web Storage fee ($40), 2003 Tournament expenses (receipts need to be submitted). Travel expenses were approved for the NSSA reps ($100/rep - checks were handed out at the meeting) Expected Income: Dues still owed from several MRSSA teams for 2003 & 2004 season. Mark will send invoices out to team reps.
  2. Rebate to Teams
    It was unanimous that there will be no rebate of funds back to teams. The MRSSA funds should be used for education for teams or unforeseen future expenses.
  3. Web Page Reviewed the process of the distribution list and how it works. Mark Bortz will add the Kansas City and North Dakota teams to the list. Kristi Skillings will contact Bald Eagle and Prior Lake to add their names to the list.
  4. NSSA Report
    1. Division I Nationals - Bids for 2005 Division I Nationals (Janseville - home site vs. Aquanut neutral site). The consensus was (from our region) that we would like to see a new team host Division I Nationals and were in favor of the Aquanut site.
    2. Division II Nationals - Division II National bids will be submitted from Waterhawsk and the Backwater Gamblers.
  5. By-Law Committee Presentation
    1. By-law changes
      A motion was made by Mike Johnson to accept the changes to the by-laws. It was seconded by Bud Ruhl and all present were in favor. New by-laws are in effect 10/19/03.

New Business

  1. 2005 Tournament Bid
    River Rats submitted a proposal for the 2005 Regional tournament. Waterhawks submitted a verbal bid. Each team discussed site changes and improvements. A silent vote was taken and the bid was awarded to the Waterhawks Ski Team.
  2. Board Elections
    Mike Johnson was nominated to continue as Vice President - he was unanimously accepted to continue his reign. Mark Bortz was nominated to remain as Treasurer - he was unanimously accepted to continue his reign.
  3. Regional judges Clinic / Driver Clinic
    Pete Bonnert has offered to come to the Midwest to perform a judge's clinic (judges must attend a clinic every two years to remain eligible). It was determined that the judge's clinic would be held in conjunction with the Drivers/Safety clinic. In 2004 the clinic will be held May 22-23, 2004 in White Bear Lake, MN (Ski Otters site). Ed Torres and Paul Newcomb will be contacted to conduct the driver/safety portion of the clinic. There was discussion to hold a drivers clinic in the fall. The consensus was to go back to our teams and see if there is an interest in a clinic in conjunction with the Kelly Alender tournament, Between Regionals & Div II Nationals, or Post season. This will be put on the agenda for the February meeting.
  4. 2004 Tournament update
    Mark Bortz answered questions for the upcoming 2004 tournament as it pertains to their site. At this time it is still undermined whether the road will be moved by the tournament time.
  5. Ski Motion
    An instructional clinic with swivel and barefoot was discussed to be held the second weekend in June, possibly at the Five Seasons site. This was left open and will be put on the February agenda.
  6. Other
    1. Doubles Clinic
      Rochester is going to hold a doubles-clinic in the spring.
    2. Increase tournament Fees
      An agenda item for the February meeting will be the discussion of increasing the tournament entry fees.
    3. February Meeting
      Next meeting to be held in Rochester on February 29, 2004 at 10:00am. Location to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Skillings,